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Crack Chamois Cream

Zevlin Crack Chamois Cream

On any length ride, eliminate the distraction and discomfort of friction with our high mileage chamois cream.  Our cream is specifically designed to reduce chafing and is formulated to give you extra coverage for long hours in the saddle in any cycling shorts. All natural ingredients include: Electric Daisy Extract (with antibacterial, anti-fungal & pain-relieving properties) Organic Sunflower Seed Oil (rich in vitamin E, wound healing & anti-inflammatory properties)


SuperCrack Chamois Cream

Zevlin SuperCrack Chamois Cream Super Crack

Add some tingle to your ride with a hint of Organic Witch Hazel Extract (natural astringent & anti-inflammatory properties)  



Zevlin BYOT Bring Your Own Towel

Refreshing after workout fitness wash.  A shower in a bottle, just Bring Your Own Towel


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