Felt Bicycles was born and bred in Southern California. Since 1992 we’ve been designing, testing, riding and designing, testing, riding (you get the picture) on the roads, trails, and paths this great state has to offer. We put some serious time on the bikes, in the conditions that you’ll encounter, so that we can offer you the world’s best bicycles.
Started in 1993 with the unique bi-color shoes, Northwave made a splash when they launched! Used by top professionals to win Olympic Golds, World titles, Grand Tour victories and World Cup wins ever since. Northwave offers amazing quality and performance in cycling shoes and apparel.
Pactimo is a Colorado company known for quality, reliability and unsurpassed customer service. Since 2003, we’ve shipped 2 million+ garments to Olympians, national champions, teams, clubs and individual cyclists around the globe. We hope you feel the inspiration of Colorado and our passion for cycling in everything we do.
Started in 2015 by a magazine editor with an idea – the first product for CloseTheGap is a forward GPS mount with a built-in bell. Who knew the simplest idea would become the start a full-blown company!
Each story has its beginning, let’s discover ours. France, 1986, in the little city of Nevers. Mr Roland Cattin and some passionate craftsmen with unique “know-how” and skill built the TIME company and invented the first automatic (clipless) road pedal. More than 30 years later, we are driven by the perpetual search of perfection, innovation and the highest quality.
Zevlin is a cycling skincare brand offering products that work well, last a long time and are a great value for the consumer. With chamois creams that are thicker and longer-lasting and a cleaning spray that is perfect after a ride for the beer stop or the long drive home (no one wants to be stinky while sitting on the 405!), we’ve got a great and fun take on cycling skincare.